Finding the Ultimate Startup Job

startup job interview

So you think you are awesome and you firmly believe that you have the temperament and the skills for the dream startup job. Lucky you, the startup industry is one the most exciting industries to work for because it is growing by leaps and bounds. It is much talked about in the media and surveys often show that it is considered as the coolest place to be employed. This is not really surprising because what had been reported so far paint a very encouraging picture of how it is like to work for the likes of Google and Apple as well as emergent rock stars like Zynga and Twitter. These companies have introduced several innovations that keep their employees happy and even pampered, given amazing benefits such as daily free ride to work, gourmet food, a break room devoted to play or do some mini R&R, and so forth.

On a more important level, work in startups is much preferred because it is informal, irreverent, disruptive and has looser hierarchy that encourages a “cool” work culture, appealing especially to the young, adventurous and, most certainly, the ambitious. Many workers also gravitate towards the startup industry because of the opportunity. Companies begin small but the trajectory of growth is exponential.

But how does one go about finding work in the startup industry? The task is quite complicated because in a sea of jobs posted in the job market it becomes difficult to identify or determine which company is a startup. Also, most startups operate within a streamlined and hands-on approach to the hiring process. Needless to say, it is radically different from large corporations. Startups constantly scout for talents and the successful ones never stop. It is a core component of most startup HR strategy. According to a report, this is called “always be recruiting” motto. Unfortunately, this strategy banks on the personal network of those people working within the startup organization. So no matter how amazing, go-getter, doer, or can-do person you are, if your social circle – counting even the teeming number of acquaintances you have in Facebook – does not have any startup worker or functionary to recommend you or inform you of a job position, your chances of landing your dream job within the startup industry is close to zilch.
Fortunately, the startup industry is already maturing. There are already companies that are dedicated to startup job market. Some of the top startup job sites are Startuply, StartUpHire, Berlin Startup Jobs (capturing the buzzing startup market of Berlin) and our very own jobooh. Unlike becoming another Craigslist for startup jobs, we provide an excellent solution to the challenges entailed in matching startups with the winners and doers in the job market. Today, we serve as a job platform for startup industries in at least 50 countries. The concept is free to use where startups can post jobs, which are then accessed by thousands of applicants across the world.