Six Tips On How To Hire The Right Person For Your Startup

The competition is particularly fierce among startups, which means that it’s ever so important to make the right decisions when hiring your next rock star. - job platform for Swiss startups - we are hiring

Here are six tips to set you on the right course:

1. Make sure it’s time to hire

2. Make a commitment to invest your time

3. Think before you advertise

4. Find candidates who work like a startup

5. Make a buy-versus-build decision

6. Engage your top candidates

Read the full article on Techcrunch.

Interesting Initiative from a VC Firm to Recruit Young Talents for Startups

Very interesting article on Techcrunch about a new way to recruit talents for VC firms and their startups: “Last year, venture firm Kleiner Perkins debuted its plans for a summer internship program to place top engineering talent from colleges at the firm’s portfolio companies. The benefit is two-fold: students get to work at the startup level, are mentored (and have the prestige of Kleiner Perkins on their resume) and startups get access to young engineering talent”. Read the full article here.

jobooh - Kleiner Perkins Engineering Fellow

Why not implement the concept in Switzerland?