Startups Shall Recruit Outside Their Direct Network

Interesting article from Startwerk about recruiting practices for Startups. They shall recruit outside their direct network. They shall use startup platforms such as in order to promote their jobs and attract people from other environments or backgrounds. Platforms such as allows startups to recruit outside their own networks.

Startwerk talks about

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The famous guidebook wrote about

Job portal for Swiss startups

“A website helping Swiss start up companies advertise job vacancies for free has just been launched on the internet.

Called, the site will prove invaluable to new companies starting up in Switzerland, who often have limited resources and can find it difficult to recruit new personnel when faced with costs of approximately Fr. 500.- per month for one job advertisement  – a typical fee for advertising new positions through jobhunters or expensive job portals.

For those looking for a new job, the site is very simple and divides jobs into two categories: “Techie” and “Non-Techie”. It is possible to see at a glance those jobs which are full-time, part-time or freelance, and also how many applicants have applied for each job via the site.”

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