The University of St. Gallen writes about

The blog from the HSG Business Incubator (part of the Institute of Technology Management at the University of St. Gallen) commented the launch of

HSG entrepreneurship campus

It describes the opportunity to work in a Startup as an alternative to big companies and not only for students from the HSG. They try to make aware students from the University of St. Gallen that beside Consulting and Investment Banking, beginning to work in a Startup is a real career path.

Techie vs. Non-techie jobs in Swiss startups

Based on 227 jobs from 89 startups listed on, 66.5% of all job offers are for Techies (i.e. a person who is skilled in the use of techs). 

This confirms the trend of the increasing need for such skills in Switzerland. Will Switzerland be able to absorb the rising demand for technical jobs? How can Swiss startups compete 1. against big tech companies (e.g. Google in Zurich) and 2. against international competition (e.g. Sillicon Valley) when hiring highly qualified tech employees? This also leads to a broader question: what are the competitive advantages of Swiss startups to attract/retain tech talents?